Every company that has to deal international purchasing, imports, exports, transports or outsourcing transports had to deal with customs. But information about customs is comprehensive, not always easily accessible and is subject to many changes and uncertainties. Customs affairs are often overlooked and prioritized to low, bcause they can partly determine:

• The possibility of entering new markets.
• More international purchasing options.
• Cost savings.

Possible consequences of a lack of customs knowledge

It is crucial to have knowledge of customs affairs to be able to import, export and transport goods as effectively and profitably as possible. Therefore, it is important for companies that do business internationally to invest in customs knowledge. If customs matters are taken less seriously, which unfortunately is often the case, companies run the risk of:
• Additional charges and financial penalties for incorrect HS codes.
• An increase in the number of physical inspections by Customs.
• Surprises due to changes in customs legislation (for example regarding anti-dumping duties).

How you can gain customs knowledge

It is important for every company to have sufficient customs knowledge in-house. This can be achieved by:
• Going through (online) sources with valuable information about customs matters. For example the website of the tax authorities,
• Attending courses on customs matters, for example: Fenex or Evofenedex,
• Working with a forwarding agent with in-house customs specialist who can assist with advice on customs affairs.

Would you like more information on this subject? Or are you looking for a strong partner with a lot of customs knowledge? At Allport we continuously invest in our customs knowledge. For example, we have several certified customs specialists, everyone goes through a through a customs training, and we sometimes give workshops to customers on this subject. For questions, contact me via christian.sonneveldt@allportnetherlands.nl or call 010 302 1005.


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