The handling of logistics in Mexico knows many challenges. For example, cultural differences and different customs regulations. Fortunately, these challenges can be tackled with practical solutions. In this article I will, from my own knowledge and experience with Mexico, share a few tips on how to effectively handle logistics in Mexico.

Cultural differences between Mexico and The Netherlands

In Mexico you do business with persons and not companies. Therefore, it is important to gain their trust. In addition to this, without a reliable local partner with the necessary relations, it is nearly impossible to get things done. For this reason, I regularly travel to Mexico with the purpose of maintaining existing and building new relations.

More hierarchy in the business culture

In Mexico it is common that only executives make decisions. It is important to take this in account from the beginning. Otherwise you might stumble upon this difference in a later stadium. Also, in this case it is important to have mutual trust.

Different customs regulations

The biggest challenges in Mexico have to do with clearing the goods. It is common for the clearing process to last 7 days longer than in the Netherlands, or even more. While in the Netherlands we are used to doing this within minutes. In my next blog I will specifically focus on the customs clearance process in Mexico. In this blog I will discuss the required documents and certifications and share different online sources with more information on this subject.

The language

Not speaking the Spanish language is not a language barrier as not speaking the local language would be in China. A large part of the business people in Mexico speaks English. But it is appreciated if you do speak Spanish. This can help with finding new opportunities, and getting things done. A practical tip would be enrolling for a language course business in Spanish.

In summary, doing business in Mexico knows many challenges. But every problem has a solution. From this article you can gain practical tips for preparing to export to Mexico. Do you still have the need for a strong partner specialized in Mexico? At Allport we are aware of the benefits of local partners and local knowledge. For discussing opportunities, you can contact me on or 06-40909964.

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