In my previous blog with practical tips for handling logistics in Mexico, I indicated that I would later tell more about the necessary documents and permits for import into Mexico. As in any other country, a commercial invoice, packing list and bill of lading must be submitted. In Mexico there is just a little more to take in account and in this blog, I will go into this further.

Request an Approved-exporter authorisation

If you export to Mexico regularly, it is possible to request a Permit Authorized Exporter from Customs. With this license you may declare the origin of your goods yourself when exporting to Mexico. This allows your customer to receive a discount or even an exemption on import duties. With the permit you do not need to apply for a EUR1 certificate. This is a preferential trade document that Mexican companies often ask for due to tax benefits. By not having to apply for a EUR1 certificate, you save time and money with every shipment.

Request a EUR1 certificate

If you do not regularly export or not always export the same goods, you can also apply for a EUR1 certificate from the Chamber of Commerce. With this, your customer in Mexico can still receive a discount or exemption on import duties. The application process depends on the type of company (producer, trader or forwarder). More information about the procedure per type of company can be found on the website of the Chamber of Commerce. You must request this certificate again for each shipment or invoice, consisting of several shipments. As a result, frequent shipments of the same goods may make it easier and cheaper to work with an Approved-exporter authorisation.
There is also an exception: for shipments with an invoice value less than € 6,000 you can replace a EUR1 certificate with a prescribed statement on your sales invoice.

Go through the information on the website Market Access Database

On the website Market Access Database, set up by the European Commission, you can easily find per product valuable information about import tariffs, statistics, import procedures and trade barriers. With this information you can, for example, calculate your import costs, learn more about customs formalities and papers or get an overview of the trade flows of your product. This video explains all the benefits of this website.

From this article you can get various practical points with which you can prepare for export to Mexico. Do you still need a strong partner who specializes in this? At Allport we are very aware of the strength of local partners and local knowledge. This also applies to Mexico. If you want to discuss the possibilities, please contact me via or 06-40909964.


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